The Sunday Times: "Sometimes, Happiness is Pretty Simple"

The Sunday Times just published a long story about our cruises and we are thrilled. Here's what Stanley Stewart writes: 

"On the way back to the boat, we dropped in on a Moken family who had materialised in the bay. Their boat was festooned with ropes and awnings, baskets and nets, pots and laundry lines. Rows of fish were drying on the roof, a tangle of live lobsters were squirming on a lower deck and what appeared to be a squid was spread-eagled on the foredeck. Women and children scuttled about, cooking dinner, mending nets, bailing water, playing games; while in the stern a great pasha figure sat enthroned, shirtless and aloof as a Buddha. He smiled, granted us a regal wave and sold us half a dozen lobsters. Back on the Scame, we dined on the moonlit deck." 

The article is behind a paywall, but here's the link. Click here to see more articles about Burma Boating.

Burma Boating Featured in The Sunday Telegraph

We're thrilled to be covered in the Sunday Telegraph's travel section! This is what Nigel Richardson writes:  

"It was a dreamy voyage that took us beyond internet connectivity, from green coastal waters to the kind of blue inked in by 100ft depths, past piratical-looking fishing boats and islands with the outlines of rusty blades. Scampering macaques foraged for crabs on the islands’ rocky shores, white-bellied sea eagles wheeled."


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