Islands: Kyun Pila

Islands: Kyun Pila

January 29, 2015 in Islands, Mergui Guide, Mergui


Kyun Pila or Kyun Phi Lat in Burmese previously named Great Swinton Island, is about 50 nautical miles from Kawthaung. The massive bay on its west-coast has one of the most gorgeous, long beaches of the whole archipelago.

The east coast of the island has a good source of fresh water, which is why a tiny, fishing community developed here in the course of the last years on the east coast.

One of the locals told us the following story: at some point recently, the residents got worried that the government might resettle them. So they decided to build a Buddhist temple (with one monk), which they thought would give them more legitimacy. So far, their strategy works.

At the northern end of the village bay, there is a small floating wooden hut with a hose channeling water from a waterfall on the island. You are likely to visit with your yacht as this is one of very few places where boats can refill their tanks in the archipelago. Otherwise life on the island is quiet and the residents will be excited to welcome you ashore. There is a small hut right at the beach with a pool table. Try to win against the local kids. Or chat with the village head who will be happy to show you the treasures local free divers found in a sunken British trading ship from the past century.

The short hike up the mountain with the pagoda on the southeast side of the island offers a great view over the bay.

Check out the three panorama pictures below.


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