Flights: Kawthaung Airport

Flights: Kawthaung Airport

December 07, 2013 in Mergui Guide, Flights, Kawthaung


Kawthaung’s airport (code: KAW) is just a few kilometers away from the city center. Flying is still an adventure in Myanmar. The airport has no speaker system, so airline staff shout announcements into the waiting hall where stray dogs run around.

Kawthaung is a domestic airport but for some reason it has an immigration department whose officers will sometimes demand to see up to eight copies of your passport.

But the number of airlines and flights connecting Kawthaung with the rest of the country is growing fast. Today traveling to Kawthaung is fast and convenient.

We strongly recommend booking your tickets through a travel agency, as flight times can change at very short notice and paying is still quite complicated.

You should also be aware that there are no taxies at the airport. We therefore recommend to all our guests that they book an airport pickup with the hotel or directly with us.


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