Happy World Oceans Day!

Happy World Oceans Day!

June 08, 2019 in Environment, Our Values


At Burma Boating we love the Andaman Sea and care about the Ocean by offering environmentally friendly holidays!

We use the power of the wind as much as possible to reduce our fuel use and polluting discharges; we keep our plastic use to a minimum by introducing non plastic bottle policies on board, refilling water bottles & on board filtration system. We choose environmentally friendly products such as wheat straw, re-usable travel bags, biodegradable on board products (amenities/sunscreen/cleaning products) that are absolutely harmless to wildlife and eco-system.

We recently started collaborating with local and international actors to protect the fragile ecosystems of the Mergui Archipelago, such as Ocean Quest Global and Awei Pila Resort. We combined our resources, skills and labor force to operate beaches clean-ups & ghost nets removals. Thanks to these actions, over 310KG of ghost fishing nets from 4 coral reefs at 8 to 25m depth and over 10,000KG of general waste have been removed from the islands & recycled properly on shore. Removing these entangled nets stretching from 10 to 50 meters around the reef and covering corals will directly improve the regeneration of the coral relying on photosynthesis and restore the marine ecosystem.

The success of this operation must not let us forget the amount of fishing nets abandoned that are still to be removed from the archipelago waters. This is why we plan to reiterate this operation next season after the monsoon period.

Stay tuned to follow up – or even collaborate to – our futures environment initiatives!


by Memories Group