Islands: Lord Loughborough

Islands: Lord Loughborough

January 30, 2015 in Islands, Mergui Guide, Mergui


Lord Loughborough is a beautiful island covered by thick green jungle. In the northwestern bay of the island is a small fishing village populated by Moken and other fishermen. Walk along the wooden jetty and follow the path to the right. There is a little school overlooking the ocean and you will probably make dozens of new friends here as the kids are very curious and this place does not receive many visitors.

There are a few basic village shops along the beach. Don’t expect any shopping opportunities, but you can buy fish or possibly some shells or cashew nuts. Many Moken come here to work on their boats and if you show interest, they will be happy to show off their techniques. Following local tradition, most houses here are built on pillars as life is still all about the sea.

Have a look at the panorama photos below.


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