“First Footprints” – What DestinAsian Magazine Writes About Our Trips

“First Footprints” – What DestinAsian Magazine Writes About Our Trips

April 09, 2015 in Meta IV, Media


DestinAsian just wrote a long feature story about our cruises, published in the April/May issue. The article starts like this:

“In the 21st century it is difficult to imagine a corner of the world where 800 mostly uninhabited islands still exist in the heart of its most populous continent. Where annual visitors are measured in the hundreds, not the thousands. And where each morning, if I rise before my fellow sailors, I can swim to the nearest of these islands, leave the first footprints on its fine bleached sands, and inhale the honeyed perfume of blooming sea poison trees lining the shore. This is how each day begins on a six-day sailing trip through the Mergui Archipelago in southern Myanmar, filled with pinch-me moments that more than reward the effort of getting here.”

And this is what the author Kendall Hill writes about his encounter with a Moken family during the trip:

“We are not alone at Kyun Phi Lar. There are two Moken boats anchored at one end of the beach, silhouetted in the afternoon sun. They see us too and before long a delegation—two youngish men and a girl with curly, sun-streaked hair—pulls up to our yacht in a dugout. The crew brings them eggs, rice, fish, water, and sweets, and they give us a special treat in return—two lobsters.”

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