Islands: Hlaing Gu (Cavern Island)

Islands: Hlaing Gu (Cavern Island)

March 01, 2015 in Islands, Mergui Guide, Mergui


Hlaing Gu is a long and narrow island with a beautiful horseshoe-shaped bay in the south which offers protection from the wind, lovely snorkelling and a long white stretch of sand.

Hlaing Gu is sometimes also referred to as Cavern Island. Some of the caves on the rocky south side of the isle are right at the waterline and one can even be accessed by dinghy boat. You’ll be able to see bamboo ladders on the rocks: fishermen used them to collect birds nests – a delicacy in many parts of Asia.

There’s a small trail leading to the top of the island’s 270 meters-high hill with its rich wildlife, small waterfalls and rivers. Local fishermen sometimes collect fresh water here to fill up their water tanks.


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