Sailors Love Clouds

Sailors Love Clouds

July 18, 2013 in iPhone, Apps, Sailing


Clouds tell us so much about the weather and the wind. Plus, we think they are simply beautiful.

So we got excited when we recently came across the website of the “Cloud Appreciation Society”. We’re not quite sure whether this is all just a very British joke or whether these people are serious about what they are doing. But it seems that this organisation has over 30,000 members. They even made an iPhone App called CloudSpotter.

Founder Gavin Pretor-Pinney recently gave a TED talk (see video) in which he said a beautiful sentence: “What an aimless activity it is. You’re not going to change the world by lying on your back and gazing up at the sky, are you? It’s a pointless activity. Which is precisely why it’s so important.”

Well, for sailors it’s not even aimless.


by Memories Group