Our Story

At Burma Boating, we organize sailing holidays in Burma (Myanmar) and beyond.

Born out of the passion of a few inspired sailors that stumbled across the spellbinding waters of the Mergui Archipelago, Burma Boating invites the world to uncover a secret too good not to share. Experience a truly luxurious, exciting odyssey through the pristine waters of the Andaman Sea with a fleet that has grown through the years.

Since 2018, Memories Group, a leading Myanmar integrated travels, tourism, and experiences company took over Burma Boating to expand its presence in the Thanintharyi Region.

Since then, Burma Boating & Memories Group dynamic teams are working together to provide & improve the best services and relations with our customers, partners and local populations.

With all the right ingredients of a trip of a lifetime, Burma Boating presents the freedom to sail through unchartered water, set foot on untouched beaches and meet welcoming locals.

You choose your own adventure. We’ll take you there.

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