Hotels: Victoria Cliff Hotel & Resort, Kawthaung

The Victoria Cliff is a newly-opened, locally-managed hotel in Kawthaung and definitely the nicest option you have if you plan to spend a night in town before or after your cruise.

The hotel is located on the way to the airport, 2-3 kilometers away from the bustling center of Kawthaung. The dozen or so Asian-style bungalows come with a view of the Andaman Sea. 

The Victoria Cliff has an outdoor pool in the pleasant palm garden. There's also a small indoor pool and a spacious gym, possibly the only one in Kawthaung. 

Expect rates between USD 100-200, but please contact the management directly, as pricing frequently changes in Myanmar. 

+95 59 51 257

Flights: Air KBZ

UPDATE: Due to unexpected cancellation of most Air KBZ flights to Kawthaung and frequent "last minute" changes of departure times, we have decided not to recommend flying with Air KBZ anymore. There are better options: Read more here


Getting to our yachts is now even easier!

We have slightly adjusted our schedule for the coming season to match the timetable of Air KBZ for domestic Myanmar flights to Kawthaung Airport. Kawthaung is our port of departure and the airline now offers daily connections there.

Air KBZ recently introduced an online booking system that accepts international credit cards, which really makes planning your travels much easier now. Air KBZ is the first Myanmar airline to allow online bookings and it’s the most reliable airline flying to Kawthaung.

Customers arriving from Yangon can now take the morning flight with Air KBZ K7-319, which takes off from Yangon Airport at 7:00 am  and arrives in Kawthaung at 10:10 am. Our team will be happy to organise pick-up transport for you from the airport and take you straight to your yacht. 

After the cruise, our boats will be back in Kawthaung in the morning, just in time for you to catch the return Air KBZ flight to Yangon (flight K7-320, departure 10:25 am, arrival 1:35 pm).

Air KBZ is a fast growing domestic airline. It started operating in 2011 and is the first airline in Myanmar to operate brand-new ATR-72 600 planes, which it bought in 2013. 

For more information and booking inquiries, visit www.airkbz.com.

Hotels: Andaman Club, Kawthaung

The Andaman Club is a casino and golf resort on Thahtay Kyun Island, just a few minutes by speedboat from Kawthaung. The resort is owned and operated by the VES Group of Thailand, under a long-term concession from the government of Myanmar.

Gambling is illegal in most Asian countries, so many casinos have been built in some kind of semi-extraterritorial area for wealthy Thai or Chinese tourists to try their luck. 

"The entire island of 1,800 acres is for the exclusive use of Andaman Club and is entirely devoted to the pleasure and enjoyment of Andaman Club visitors", the hotel claims on its website.  

It feels somewhat dated and a bit disconnected from Myanmar but the Andaman Club is by miles the most upscale hotel in Kawthaung. 


Andaman Club Resort
Thathay Kyun Island, Myanmar
Website: http://www.andamanclub.com/reservation.html

Hotels: Garden Hotel, Kawthaung

The Garden Hotel is one of the few barely acceptable options to spend a night at in Kawthaung. Its a no-frills hotel reminding you that Myanmar's tourist industry still has some development ahead. But the rooms are fairly clean and staff is friendly (keep in mind that this is what you usually say when trying hard to point out something positive). It helps if you remind yourself that you came for the adventure.

Rooms are about USD 40 per night, not cheap for what you get.


Garden Hotel
Shwe Minwon Road
Padaukshwewar Quarter
Kawthaung Township.
Myanmar Tel: +95-59-51731, +95-9-5645262
Thai Tel: +66-9-044 84586
Email: reservation@gardenhotelmm.com
Website: http://www.gardenhotelmm.com

Flights: Kawthaung Airport

Kawthaung's airport (code: KAW) is just a few kilometers away from the city center. Flying is still an adventure in Myanmar. The airport has no speaker system, so airline staff shout announcements into the waiting hall where stray dogs run around.  

Kawthaung is a domestic airport but for some reason it has an immigration department whose officers will sometimes demand to see up to eight copies of your passport. 

But the number of airlines and flights connecting Kawthaung with the rest of the country is growing fast. Today traveling to Kawthaung is fast and convenient. 

We strongly recommend booking your tickets through a travel agency, as flight times can change at very short notice and paying is still quite complicated. 

You should also be aware that there are no taxies at the airport. We therefore recommend to all our guests that they book an airport pickup with the hotel or directly with us. 

Ranong: Crossing the River to Kawthaung

If you plan to enter Myanmar from Thailand, you have to cross the border river separating the two countries. Most of our guests choose this route and it's really very easy. Here's a short step-by-step guide. You can also download our info sheet


1 - Drive to Ranong Longtail Pier (SaPhan Pla Jetty)

Take a taxi to the pier in Ranong, from which boats leave for Kawthaung. The car ride there from Phuket Airport usually takes 3-4 hours and should cost 4200 - 5000 Thai Baht. From Ranong Airport it takes about 30 minutes and costs approximately 500 Baht. The small pier is hidden behind the PTT petrol station, so don‘t be surprised. Here are the directions in Thai, in case you want to show them to your driver: 

กรุณาไปส่งที่   ท่าเทียบเรือ
ถนน เฉลิมพระเกียรติ  


2 - Border Checkpoint   

If you call us an hour before arrival, we will send a longtail boat over to pick you up. The driver will wait for you at the border checkpoint area with a sign in his hand.
First you have to go through Thai emigration and border control, just to your right inside the border checkpoint area. Right in front of to the emigration area is the longtail boat pier. The small and somewhat adventurous-looking boats there are the only means of transport to Kawthaung.
There will be a crowd of drivers waiting. If you rent a boat for yourself, the trip across the river will cost 400 to 500 Thai Baht. You can also hop onto a regular join-in longtail, in which case the fee should be about 50 Baht per person.

3 - Crossing the River

Crossing the river between Thailand and Myanmar takes 30 to 45 minutes. There are two more checkpoints along the way where the driver has to show your passport to customs officers. Usually you won‘t have to get off the boat.


4 - Arriving in Kawthaung, Myanmar

The longtail boats from Thailand arrive about 30-40 metres away from the Myanmar Immigration Pier (Myo Ma Jetty). Walk along the road until you see the sign that says ''Warmly Welcome and Take Care of Tourists'' (see photo on the left). 

The small building on the right hand side is the border control by Myo Ma Jetty. We‘ll meet you right there at 11.30 a.m. on your day of departure. If you have any trouble finding us, you can always call us on +66 2 1070 445.


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