Sailors Love Clouds

Clouds tell us so much about the weather and the wind. Plus, we think they are simply beautiful.  

So we got excited when we recently came across the website of the "Cloud Appreciation Society". We're not quite sure whether this is all just a very British joke or whether these people are serious about what they are doing. But it seems that this organisation has over 30,000 members. They even made an iPhone App called CloudSpotter

Founder Gavin Pretor-Pinney recently gave a TED talk (see video) in which he said a beautiful sentence: "What an aimless activity it is. You're not going to change the world by lying on your back and gazing up at the sky, are you? It's a pointless activity. Which is precisely why it's so important."

Well, for sailors it's not even aimless. 

5 iPhone Apps for Travelling Myanmar / Burma

Want to get excited about your trip? Dreams of Burma by National Geographic fotopedia has some awesome pictures which might help giving you an idea where to to go.

Yangon Taxi Translator is big help, it provides an offline database of common addresses tourists and travelers might be interesting in Yangon. Press a button and show your driver a "taxi card" in Burmese writing. Costs $ 1.99 

Dive Moken is a great free app, developed by our friends at Project Moken with the goal to create awareness for the situation of this small tribe in the Mergui Archipelago some people call "sea gypsies". It features an amazing 3-minute shoot of Hook, a Moken fisher and free diver. Can you hold your breath as long as he can?

Myanmar HipHop is a collection and streaming service of - you might have guessed - Hip Hop from Myanmar, including some streaming services. 

Myanmar Alphabet will cost you $ 1.99, but it might be the best way of learning Myanmar's beautiful round letters, including pronunciation.