7 Nights / 8 Days  - Sail & Dive Mergui Safari

Cruise Itinerary
Special Sail & Dive Route

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Day 1

Upon arrival in Kawthaung, check in and take a land tour to temples, local wares and the markets. Enjoy dinner and the first night aboard SY Dallinghoo, along the bustling border town of Kawthaung. 

Day 2

Upon daybreak, we set sail 40 Nautical Miles to South Bay Zardet Kyee Island via Heart Lagoon (if the tides allow for kayaking into the enclosed Lagoon) and Say Tan Island. This is a day to settle down, visit beaches, kayak and get to know each other. Scuba-diving begins tomorrow. 

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Day 3 

An early start from the South Bay will take you to our first dive site, Western Rocky - a mid-ocean site with rocky outcrops piercing the surface. This is a great site where two dives can be organised. The second exciting dive site is at Fan Forrest Pinnacle, a mid-ocean sea mount which stands 6 meters above the water surface. 

Day 4

Dive at Boulder Island where there are several diving sites and walking tracks. With an abundant wildlife above and below the water surface, diving, walking, kayaking and snorkelling are activities of the day on this pristine, well-protected tropical island.

DAY 6 - A short passage takes us to one of the best dive sites in the Mergui Archipelago, named Three Islets. Following the dive, we will head to Salet Galet, a unique fishing village, to explore a beautiful mangrove river if the tide allows

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DAY 8 - Setting sail on a 3-hour passage takes us back to Kawthaung. Take a swim and if possible some beach time before departure if transfers allow it.

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Day 5

We depart for the first dive at the southern rocks of Bo Wei Island, following a short passage to Jar Lann Kyn Village and/or Kyunn Pila East Bay. Jar Lann Kyun counts a small village that houses a big temple, local shipyards and a busy fishing transfer port. This spot offers an opportunity to those wanting to experience the Mergui culture.


DAY 7 - Departing early and 40 Nautical Miles south-bound, we head to Island 115 for lunch, swimming and snorkelling. A further 24 Nautical Miles to Barwell Passage will bring us to our final night anchorage in the Mergui.