Sample Route: 10 to 14 Days - Visit Thailand and Myanmar in One Trip. Make Meta IV Your Home for 2 Weeks

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Make the sea your home for a fortnight. You'll have the time to cruise through Thailand as well as Myanmar! Explore the region from the deck of your private yacht and away from the crowds. From Phuket, we sail a huge loop all the way up into Myanmar and back.    


Day 1 - Board Meta IV in the north of Phuket, just a few minutes away from the airport. We set sail right away and make our way past the stunning rock formations made famous by the 1974 James Bond movie “The Man with the Golden Gun”, which was shot here. 


Day 2 - We start the day with a grand brunch on the beach, which we'll have all to ourselves. Slowly, island by island, we head down to Chicken Island. It's early evening as we arrive and we see thousands of fruit bats emerging from the forest. This is paradise!


Days 3 & 4 - The next morning we set sail to Phi Phi  and spend the day in the Muslim village there. The natural harbour is a meeting point for sailors from all over the world. Early in the morning we're off to Koh Racha Yai, wich boasts one of Thailand's loveliest beaches.


Days 5 & 6 - Our first long passage! We’re heading towards the Similans. These islands are among the top ten diving and snorkelling spots in the world. We’re staying overnight and head for Kawthaung, our point of entry to Myanmar. Burma, here we come!


Days 7 & 8 - We've explored Kawthaung, this amazing little market town and enjoyed our first Burmese breakfast. Now we’re off to deserted Hastings Island, well inside the Mergui Archipelago. After some beachcombing the next day, we visit the elusive “sea gypsies” on Lampi.


Days 9 & 10 - You will get some real insight into the way of life for these traditional villagers. After we say our goodbyes, we go for a kayak trip through one of the world’s oldest mangrove forests. We explore the jungle on West Lampi and sail on to Pila Kynn. Barbecue! 


Days 11 & 12 - We do a lot sailing these couple of days. On our way south, we will visit Macleod Island, which boasts the area's only diving base. After dinner we set full sail on a long passage via Kawthaung to Phuket. Anyone up for some night sailing?


Days 13 & 14 - We arrive in the afternoon and decide to head over to the Royal Phuket Yacht Club for dinner. On our last day, we all want to swim and soak in the ocean, one long, last time. Meta IV takes us back to the marina, just in time to catch our flight.