Myanmar: Explore untouched islands, visit indigenous cultures aboard a classic yacht

Season: October - May

Myanmar’s Mergui Archipelago is one of Asia’s last island worlds which remain virtually untouched. Be one of the first to visit this paradise. Swim and snorkel in azure waters, visit indigenous communities and enjoy empty beaches without a footprint in the sand. A trip aboard our yachts Meta IV or Raja Laut is the perfect way to visit the Mergui Archipelago in style.

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Join us for an adventure along the ancient spice trade route, travelled by merchants and adventurers over the centuries 

Season: May - September

This is a journey of discovery and adventure through the heart of Southeast Asia. Expect ancient port towns, World Heritage Sites, national parks and gorgeous waters. You will listen to the sounds of the world's oldest rainforest, sail up jungle rivers, watch orangutans and sample exotic delicacies on local markets.

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