Diving in the Mergui - Away from the Crowds

For some people, the most beautiful places on this planet lie under the surface of the oceans.

We share this passion. Dallinghoo is equipped with everything divers need. Our other yachts don't usually carry diving equipment on their trips. However, if you charter a yacht and plan your own private cruise, we're more than happy to equip them with diving gear and take a diving instructor on board.

We have a partnership with an excellent British-run diving company. Their instructors know all the best diving spots in the Andaman Sea, whether in Myanmar, in Thailand or in Malaysia.

Certain areas in the Mergui Archipelago have been damaged by dynamite fishing in the past. But the ecosystem is starting to recover and the scenery of the best dive spots is spectacular. Myanmar hast some of the most beautiful diving spots in the world.

The native population in the area, the Moken people, make their living as free divers and spear fishers. If you are interested, we will try to meet them and see whether we can learn some of their unique diving techniques. 

Please send us an email if you are interested in a diving trip in the Andaman Sea: info@burmaboating.com.