Myanmar diving tours with Burma Boating yacht Meta IV

Ask Us!


 Below are our answers to the most frequently asked questions (FAQs).

1.   How much does it cost to sail on your yacht?

Rates for private cruises start at USD 1,900 per night depending on the season. You can also book a cabin and join a cruise for USD 1,600 per person for 4 days or USD 2,600 for 6 days. Read more here for details on bookings and costs.

2.   Do I need to know how to sail?

No. Our experienced crew can do all the sailing for you while you relax. If you like, our crew can involve you and teach you sailing basics.

3.   Can I sail myself?

Currently we charter fully crewed boat, but we are more than happy to get you involved in the sailing activities. Our crew will be very pleased to teach about navigation and general sailing.

4.   Where will we sail?

That depends on your wishes, but our main cruising area is the Mergui Archipelago in Myanmar’s south. Beyond that, we are open to any suggestions and ideas.

5.   How do I get there?

We can arrange to pick you up anywhere in the area – it’s up to you:

We can pick you up from Kawthaung airport (daily flights from Yangon with Myanmar National Airlines); from Ranong airport (daily flights from Bangkok with AirAsia and NokAir); or from Phuket Island in Thailand, which has an international airport and is very easy to get to, 4-hour car ride from Ranong border. Click here for more information.

6.   Will I need a visa for Myanmar?

Yes. Most travellers will get a visa-on-arrival in Myanmar and we will take care of the procedure when you enter the country while you relax or explore. It takes no time at all. Please ensure that your passport is valid for at least six months beyond the end of your cruise. 

7.   Is it safe to travel in Myanmar’s Mergui Archipelago?

Yes, it is!

There are no violent conflicts in our sailing area, nor are there any pirates.

The archipelago is not home to crocodiles and, unless you swim around with cutlets tied to your hips, you are very unlikely to attract the attention of sharks. In fact, the number of sharks in the area has unfortunately dwindled due to shark fishing.

There is a mid-level malaria risk in southern Myanmar and you should take precautions by using mosquito-repellent and wearing long sleeves and trousers if onshore at night (which you are unlikely to be much).

All guests should get a travel insurance before joining our cruises.

8.   How do I book?

Easy: Just fill out the online form on this site and we’ll be in touch to confirm or answer your questions asap!

9.   What about money, cash and the local currency?

The local currency is the Myanmar Kyat (MMK) with an exchange rate of 1 USD to about 1,400 MMK. Do bring cash as the newly installed ATMs in Kawthaung may not function and as credit cards are not always accepted. For any purchases in the region, you can also use Thai Bath - the change you will receive will most likely be in Kyat. 

10.   What else should I bring?

You don’t need much. Bring your bathers, sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses, your camera and you’re pretty much set! It's best to also bring mosquito repellent and you may want to consider bringing anti-malarial tablets. Do remember to get a travel insurance before joining our cruise. On board, you won't need shoes but you can bring flip-flops or reef shoes for beach outings if you want.

It would be great if you could bring soft luggage instead of a hard-case suitcase so that it can be stored away more easily after unpacking.

We provide full lodging, including bedding, towels, all meals, water and soft drinks. We also provide fishing and snorkelling equipment and first-aid, if necessary.

11.   What's the best season to go?

The best time for sailing in the Mergui Archipelago is between Mid-October and end of April. The rainy season starts in May and ends early October. 

12.   What will the water temperature be like?

Beautiful 26-29°C or 79-84°F!

13.   How many other people will be on the yacht?

You can join our cabin charter cruises with 2 to 8 guests on Meta IV or 2 to 6 guest on SY Y Not. If you charter the yacht for a private cruise, it depends on you.

14. Is there on-board power, fresh water, internet? 

Every cabin has power points (plus fans and air-cons). There is fresh water for showering and in the kitchen. Internet is not available on-board.

15.   Will I have to share a bathroom?

Every cabin has its own bathroom and each comes with a shower, sink and toilet.

16.   Can you recommend any reading on Myanmar/the region?

There are some great books on Myanmar and on the region we are sailing in. We have put together a short list of reading recommendations for you. You will also find most of the books on this list in our small board library.