Our Values: Responsible Tourism

We all have an impact on the cultural and natural landscape we are part of. At Burma Boating, we want to make sure that we contribute positively to the world around us.

The Sailing Clinic

In the past years, we have visited most of the settlements in Myanmar’s Mergui Archipelago, and none of them have adequate medical facilities.

Some villages in the area have a nurse and we’ve started to supply them with what they need most. But we wanted to do more. We're no aid workers or doctors, but we are keen to help. That is why we launched the Sailing Clinic. We are inviting doctors, nurses and medical workers to sail to settlements in the Mergui Archipelago to help. Click here if you would like to donate or to be part of the team.

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Supporting Indigenous Communities

We are fascinated by the indigenous communities we meet, such as the Moken people in the Mergui Archipelago. We are responsible for making sure that these encounters don’t contribute to making them objects of intrusive, touristic curiosity, or further the loss of their cultural identity in the long run. We therefore talk to members of local communities about their needs and ideas and we actively seek guidance from anthropologists and non-governmental organisations. 

Nature Conservation

Our sailing areas, such as Myanmar’s Mergui Archipelago, are important ecological habitats, home to unique ecosystems and species. We are currently in discussions with researchers and conservation societies, like Istituto Oikos and the WWF, to find out how we and our guests can contribute to the protection of local wildlife. 

Ordinary People 1, by Myanmar artist Min Zaw (courtesy of Yone Arts)

Ordinary People 1, by Myanmar artist Min Zaw (courtesy of Yone Arts)

Zero Carbon Footprint

Our yachts are driven by wind power. We sail because we love moving with nature, practicing an art our ancestors have employed for more than 5000 years. Of course we have an engine for windless days but we don’t use it if we don't have to. And we offset any carbon emissions we make. What’s more, we just installed solar panels across Meta IV's entire roof, thus cutting generator usage by more than 50%. 

Reducing Waste

We keep the oceans clean. The shampoo and soap we provide our guests with are entirely made of natural products and are ecologically tested. We don’t dump any waste into the waters that is not biodegradable. We purchase fresh produce to avoid packaged goods. 


Local Economy

We buy locally as much as we can. Our chefs prepare fresh and healthy food made from what the local markets and fishermen supply. We avoid pre-packaged or processed food where possible. 

Supporting Myanmar Culture

We are proud to support Yone Arts in their effort to promote the exchange of culture between Myanmar and the international community through the work of Myanmar contemporary artists. In January 2014, Yone Arts exhibited at Art Stage Singapore, which presented the largest international display of contemporary art from Myanmar to date.