Learn Sailing aboard our yacht Meta IV in Myanmar's Mergui Archipelago. Book a cruising holiday and become a sailor.

Learn Sailing Aboard Meta IV

Becoming a sailor is like learning Chinese: Once you started you will realize what you'll never finish. And the topics are endless. You have to know the knots, learn about the weather and how to navigate. You need to understand the aerodynamics that move a sailing yacht, know flags, light signals, emergency procedures and the rules of radio communication. A sailor has to be able to feel the wind. And he needs the social skills to manage a crew. Then there are electronics, ropes, knots, paints...

But once you started you will also find out, that the basics are actually pretty easy to understand and you'll be surprised how much you will know after just a few days on board. 

Book an intensive private sailing course for your group. Or join a longer trip and use your holiday for mile building. And do let us know, if you're simply curious and want to get active during your trip and understand the basics. Our skippers will be happy to share their years of experience on the water and teach you all the basics you have to know.

But be warned: You will get hooked. And you will never finish!