7-Night / 8-Day Grand Mergui Exploration

Cruise Itinerary

Day 1 We’ll meet you at the airport in the morning. While you enjoy your welcome drink on board, the crew takes care of the official paperwork before we set sail towards South Bay on Za Det Gyi Island. For the first night’s dinner, the chef surprises with fresh catch served under the clear evening sky.

Day 2 In the morning we head to the beach for snorkeling and swimming. We have lunch under passage while we sail to Myin Khwa Island. There are some beautiful limestone caves, which lead into a hidden lagoon, only accessible by dinghy boat and kayak. In the evening we drop anchor at Macleod Island. On its peaceful beach, we light a bonfire and sip sundowners while counting the stars.

Day 3 Right after breakfast, we head to Boulder Rock. With its gorgeous white beaches and long reefs, this is the perfect spot to explore the underwater life. After lunch on the beach, the yacht sets sail to Lord Loughborough Island, where we visit the Moken “Sea Gypsies” and the island’s temple. We spend the afternoon in their village and learn about Moken culture.

Day 4 In the early morning, we head towards Bo Cho Islands in the Lampi National Park. We have an appointment with a local island ranger who introduces us to the region’s wildlife and flora. After a short hour hike through the jungle, we sail along endless white beaches towards Tar Yar Island. We stop along the way to explore the mangrove forests with our kayaks and tender boats. We spend the night in a gorgeous secluded bay and watch monkeys playing at the beach. At night, the gibbons’ song from the beach lulls us to sleep.


Day 5 The yacht leaves the anchorage in the very early morning hours. During breakfast, we arrive in the Great Western Torres Islands, one of the nicest spots for snorkeling and diving in the archipelago. Some of us try out diving, some decide to spend a lazy day at the beach.

Day 6 We sail through the Mermaid Passage and drop anchor at a gorgeous bay on the west side of Tanangthayi Kyun Island. There’s a fishing boat in the bay and we join the chef to inspect the fresh catch and have a look at their boat. After an exhausting afternoon of water sports and a delicious seafood dinner, we sleep the sleep of the blessed.

Moken Village Mergui sailing.jpg

Day 7 It’s our last full day and we plan to enjoy it till the last minute. We explore some of the smaller islands around with out tender boat. Some decide to go fishing, others visit a smaller village nearby. For our last night, the crew prepared a fantastic party at the beach for us.

Day 8 We’re having an early breakfast while the yacht arrives in the old colonial port city town of Myeik. Some of our group head to the airport right away. For the others, the crew organises a visit to the floating market. Our guide shows us around in town, while the crew brings our bags to the pier. What an incredible trip! 

Getting There is Easy

We start our Grand MerguiExploration in Kawthaung. After a week, we arrive in Myeik. Southward-bound cruises start from there and end in Kawthaung.


Traveling via Myeik
Myeik can best be reached by plane from Yangon. There are several daily flights. You can also take a short domestic flight from Kawthaung which will only take about 45 minutes. We do not recommend traveling to Myeik over land as road conditions might not be good and local transport companies are not ready to accommodate foreign travellers.

Traveling via Kawthaung
Kawthaung is right at the Thai border and can best be reached via Bangkok taking a 1.5 hour domestic flight to the Thai border town Ranong. The Thai airline Nok Air operates several flights a day which can only be booked at their website nokair.com. Coming from Phuket, you can reach Kawthaung in 4 hours by car. You can also fly via Yangon, which will take about 1.5 hours.