Labuan to Kuching: The Spice Route Adventure

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This is a cruise for those who want to cover some real distance but have a shorter time frame available. We will sail more than 400 miles in six days, all the way from Labuan to Kuching. We will cruise through national parks, do some night-sails and visit amazing towns.

Mosque in Brunei.jpg

Our first stop will be Brunei, this curious Islamic sultanate. While only slowly becoming a tourist destination, Brunei has much to offer: from pristine rainforest to traditional stilt villages and stunning mosques. Maybe even take some time to explore Brunei before our trip.

Mulu National Park mountains.JPG

We sail along the entire coastline of Sarawak. This vast state is home to a large number of tribes, many of who still live in their traditional longhouses on the coast and river banks. Our destination is Kuching, one of the most refined, attractive cities in Asia.