Learn. Work. Sail. Internships with Burma Boating

Want to expand your horizons? Are you a student interested in doing something different during your vacation? Do you love boats and the ocean? Are you a tourism major looking for an opportunity to learn how to run a small hospitality business? Or do you work in an office and simply want to get out for a while?  


No office, no suits, no 9-5! Become an intern on our yacht Meta IV.


You should 
 - Be at least 18 years old
 - Recognise that you're doing a job, even if it sometimes feels as though you're on holiday 
 - Be available for at least a month 
 - Be okay with living in a fairly small, shared crew cabin
 - Like working with your hands
 - Have a passion for providing good service
 - Speak English and ideally one or two more languages
 - Be able to accept rules on board and follow the captain's orders
 - Be fun to work with
 - Be flexible and expect to work odd hours
 - Cover your own transportation costs to Thailand or Myanmar and we'll take care of the rest


We promise to
 - Teach you all about sailing and life on a yacht
 - Take you places you haven't been to before 
 - Keep you busy and make your part of the team from your very first day
 - Take your ideas and suggestions seriously
 - Give you an insider's view of running a small hospitality business that is essentially a floating boutique hotel plus small restaurant


If this is what you're looking for, tell us about yourself and send us an application to or use the form below.


Internship Application


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What is your work experience? What is your education background? Do you have experience in the hospitality industry?
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