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You need to know what you are selling. Most of you have not yet been sailing with us. We made this page to help you understand our product, learn more about Myanmar's Mergui Archipelago and understand our yacht and what your clients will experience. It's actually not that complicated. On this page you will find everything you have to know, packaged in handy chapters. If you want to know more, there's more material at the bottom. And - of course - you can always give us a call or send us an email.

Your Burma Boating Team

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Watch our video to understand the experience

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Many people say, Myanmar's Mergui Archipelago is like Thailand 70 years ago. There are no cities, no hotels, no container ships, just 800 untouched islands. Indigenous tribes still travel the area in dugout canoes. ... 

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Our Yacht Meta IV, a classic beauty

Meta IV, was designed by the naval architect Thomas E. Colvin, who gave the vessel her beautiful shape and robust hull. She is made entirely of Thai teak, one of the best woods for building classic boats.

Meta IV was constructed in 1998 as a private yacht for a Swiss businessman who made his fortune in hotels. In 2010, the Austrian skipper Herbert Mayrhauser found her at a pier in Phuket and immediately fell in love. After two years of intensive restoration work and refitting, Meta IV started her new life as a luxury charter vessel in the fall of 2012. 

Meta IV measures 85 feet in length or 25 metres. That's longer than the Santa Maria, the boat that Christopher Columbus sailed into history when he discovered the Americas. In fact, with all her space, you could almost forget you were holidaying on a yacht. The sheer size, and the facilities on board, make for a holiday getaway that your family or friends won't forget.

It's your trip of a lifetime. And the crew of Meta IV will do everything possible to make it an amazing experience. 

Meta IV sails with 4 crew members: a captain, a Thai chef and 2 sailors. She has 4 cabins for 8 guests.