Two Sabah Cruises: The Spice Route Adventure

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You can choose from two cruises at the farthest point of our long Spice Route Adventure. Both will start at Labuan, which is just next to Brunei, then take you on a big round trip along the Malaysian state of Sabah on the northern tip of Borneo and end again in Labuan.

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Labuan, just north of Brunei, is the entry point to mystical Sabah. Located on an island, Labuan has Malaysia’s only deepwater anchorage, a free port and is a federal territory. With its great dive sites, gorgeous beaches and many nature trails, it’s a popular tourist destination.

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Welcome to Kota Kinabalu, aka KK! This thriving city is worth a holiday in its own right. You will have time to explore its lively night scene, bustling markets and world-class restaurants as well as its surroundings. The city is overshadowed by Mount Kinabalu, Southeast Asia’s tallest peak.


From KK, we'll sail through Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park and cruise around its five beautiful islands before heading north along the coast of Sabah. Never heard of Dugongs? Well, you're likely to see these gentle giants grazing on the sea bed around the Mantananis.

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It’s up to you how far you want to sail. There is a multitude of island gems around the northern cape of Borneo, from Kulambok with its small bays to larger Banggi Island in the Sulu Sea and those off the east coast. The further we sail, the more remote and wild Borneo becomes...

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We will loop back south and sail to those places we haven’t yet visited. Or we go for a longer passage of blue water sailing. Our cruise will take us past Kota Kinabalu again and the first Sabah Cruise will then head for Labuan, while the following trip will conclude in the sultanate of Brunei!