Myanmar Info

In the last two years, Myanmar (or Burma - more on the name here) has undergone tremendous changes. Few countries are making greater headlines these days than Myanmar.

Until recently one of the world’s most isolated countries, under an Orwellian military dictatorship, the country’s leadership has suddenly - and to everybody’s surprise - decided to open up to the West. It is liberalising its political system and is now moving towards democracy and inviting foreign investment.

These days, global political and business leaders are queuing up to talk to the country’s decision makers or to gain an early foothold in an untapped market of almost 50 million people.

Most armed conflicts between the central government and various ethnic groups that used to ravage the country have halted and Myanmar is now witnessing a degree of peace it hasn’t experienced in decades.

Myanmar is still a very poor nation after decades of mismanagement, sanctions and stagnation. But what was once the richest economy in Southeast Asia - with still vast natural resources - looks like it might be returning to former glory.

Tourism is certainly flourishing and never have so many foreigners visited the former British colony as these days. We are aiming to play our part towards opening up this wonderful country by carefully making accessible one of the regions that has so far been almost totally neglected.

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