We hope you had a fantastic cruise with Burma Boating and that you got back home safely. We would appreciate it if you could spend a couple of minutes to provide feedback on the trip and on what we should improve. We want your next trip with us to be even better!

Thank you for answering the questions below.

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Please rate the following points
The booking process was smooth and easy.
The pick-up and airport transfers were smooth.
The reception upon arriving on-board the yacht was welcoming and professional.
The cabin and the boat were clean and in good condition.
Skipper, crew and booking staff were polite and friendly.
I liked the cruise's route and itinerary.
I enjoyed the activities on board.
I enjoyed the food and drink served on-board.
We felt safe throughout the trip.
I enjoyed the natural surroundings (islands, beaches, the water).
The trip was worth what we paid for it.
I would recommend a sailing trip with Burma Boating to my family or friends.
I would consider booking another trip.
Overall the experience was

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