Sailing in Myanmar's Mergui Archipelago - 800 islands all for yourself

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At Burma Boating, we organise sailing holidays in Burma (Myanmar). Most of our website is in English. But here you should be able to find all the important  information in French.

We have a classic wooden, two-master sailing yacht with an experienced crew to take care of your every desire. You can do the sailing yourself or we can do it for you. You can go for 5 days or 5 weeks, rent a cabin or charter the while yacht for a private trip with your friends or family. Join us, chill on empty beaches, drink at hand, or go race the dolphins. It’s your choice and it’s easy with Burma Boating.

From late November till May we sail in Myanmar's Mergui Archipelago. From May to September our yacht Meta IV will cruise along the Spice Route from Phuket to Borneo. Meta IV is available for charter along the whole route.

Our Yacht Meta IV, a classic beauty

Meta IV, was designed by the naval architect Thomas E. Colvin, who gave the vessel her beautiful shape and robust hull. She is made entirely of Thai teak, one of the best woods for building classic boats.

Meta IV was constructed in 1998 as a private yacht for a Swiss businessman who made his fortune in hotels. In 2010, the Austrian skipper Herbert Mayrhauser found her at a pier in Phuket and immediately fell in love. After two years of intensive restoration work and refitting, Meta IV started her new life as a luxury charter vessel in the fall of 2012. 

Meta IV measures 85 feet in length or 25 metres. That's longer than the Santa Maria, the boat that Christopher Columbus sailed into history when he discovered the Americas. In fact, with all her space, you could almost forget you were holidaying on a yacht. The sheer size, and the facilities on board, make for a holiday getaway that your family or friends won't forget.

It's your trip of a lifetime. And the crew of Meta IV will do everything possible to make it an amazing experience. 

Meta IV sails with 4 crew members: a captain, a Thai chef and 2 sailors. She has 4 cabins for 8 guests. 

Our Sailing Area, the Mergui Archipelago

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Virtually unknown to the outside world, the Mergui Archipelago is located in Myanmar's (Burma's) remote south: a group of 800 deserted islands that lie at the heart of our sailing area.

Think white beaches lined with palm trees and dense jungle. Think swimming in azure water amongst colourful reef fish, spotting corals, and collecting seashells. Now, picture eagles circling above, gibbons and monitor lizards eyeing you from the thickets, while a sundowner is being mixed for you on board the yacht. 

And best of all: you have this entire experience to yourself. You can sail for days on end and meet not a soul but the odd fisherman in a dugout canoe.

Just across from the Thai border, the archipelago opened to foreigners as recently as the late 1990s. With only a few of the 800 islands sparsely populated and a couple dozen visitors to the entire area each month, the Mergui Archipelago remains one of the planet’s most unspoilt destinations.

The traditional inhabitants of the Mergui Archipelago are the Moken, a people who live off, and on, the sea. Sometimes called "sea-gypsies", this ethnic minority group leads a traditional, semi-nomadic lifestyle, dominated by diving for sea cucumbers, fishing and bartering.

Until the recent changes in Myanmar’s government, the relationship between the Moken and the central authorities was marked by tensions. Recently, however, things have started to improve and the Moken are somewhat less elusive. If you are interested, we can take you to Moken villages where you will be able to enjoy Moken food, buy fresh cuttlefish, and watch men building dugout canoes the way they have been made for tens of thousands of years.

Booking and Rates

Join a 6-day cruise, departing every other Saturday and returning on Thursdays. Per Person, we charge EUR 2400 for the whole trip, not including visa fees and...

Plan a private cruise of your own with your family or group of friends. ..