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From May to September, during the rainy season in Myanmar, Meta IV sails from Burma to Borneo, following the old Spice Trade Route travelled by merchants and adventurers over the centuries. 

Our cruise will take us from Burma to Phuket in Thailand, continuing through Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei, all the way to Sabah in Borneo - and back.  

This is a journey of discovery and adventure through the heart of Southeast Asia. Expect ancient port towns, World Heritage Sites, national parks and gorgeous waters. 

You will listen to the sounds of the world's oldest rainforest, sail up jungle rivers, watch orangutans and sample exotic delicacies on local markets - there will be endless opportunities for outings and excursions.

All segments of the cruise can be booked for private or cabin charter. We are flexible regarding itinerary, programme and route for each segment and are happy to accommodate your ideas and wishes.


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