Hotels: Andaman Club, Kawthaung

The Andaman Club is a casino and golf resort on Thahtay Kyun Island, just a few minutes by speedboat from Kawthaung. The resort is owned and operated by the VES Group of Thailand, under a long-term concession from the government of Myanmar.

Gambling is illegal in most Asian countries, so many casinos have been built in some kind of semi-extraterritorial area for wealthy Thai or Chinese tourists to try their luck. 

"The entire island of 1,800 acres is for the exclusive use of Andaman Club and is entirely devoted to the pleasure and enjoyment of Andaman Club visitors", the hotel claims on its website.  

It feels somewhat dated and a bit disconnected from Myanmar but the Andaman Club is by miles the most upscale hotel in Kawthaung. 


Andaman Club Resort
Thathay Kyun Island, Myanmar